Garden court residences grew out of the need for housing in urban areas after World War I. Myrtle Square, built in Dilworth in 1939, is a rare local example of the Art Moderne architectural style. Residences enclose a central garden courtyard of grand canopy trees. This integrated style of building sparked chance encounters, and built strong connections among residents. The site, located in a low lying area, has had ongoing drainage problems for decades and the landscape had deteriorated.

Groundworks studio was hired to develop a landscape master plan for the property in 2016. The plan seeks to reinvigorate this historic property by energizing the entry sequences, activating high traffic spaces, integrating green infrastructural techniques to manage stormwater, and creating dynamic outdoor spaces for community engagement. Historical forms of the porthole windows, modern rails, and parquet oak flooring are extended into the landscape. The planting dances through beds full of textured plants that change throughout the seasons.

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