Groundworks studio is a landscape architecture and urban design firm based in Charlotte, NC that is dedicated to the creation of artistic and sustainable designs that connect people with the landscape.

Our designs evolve through an understanding of the site’s natural features, human needs, creative design exploration and the client’s goals. Sustainability — the integration of natural systems with human patterns that celebrate place making — is the foundation of our practice. Although groundworks studio works throughout the rural to urban spectrum, we are particularly committed to restoring vitality back to cities. We create imaginative, beautiful, functional and meaningful landscapes that people want to experience.

Groundworks studio seeks common ground among the design professions. Our studio believes in a team approach to design; we collaborate with a broad range of design professionals and artists to make design concepts come to life. Our studio is dedicated to a successful partnership between the client and the landscape architect.

Groundworks studio is a certified SBE firm with the City of Charlotte. Groundworks studio was founded in 2007.